Lee Noring says…

Raam, I just have to tell you how much help your staff was to me over the last month. They managed to set up 3 or was it 4 full Traffic Geyser profiles for me. They handled the sign up. Filled out the membership profile for me completely. That along was worth the modest cost of $900 a month for my full time personal assistant.

I just wanted to say thank you for the great value your business provided to me, my clients and family. The profiles completed by your staff has a much higher clients services marketing value to me.

Add to that the full set of Article, Blog post and social marketing content completed my $900 investment has earned value of services provided to my clients by at least 3 to 1. In short that billing value of $2,700.

When you compare the cost of a Customized Pre-configured Login Profile from Traffic Geyser current cost is $117 each.

Thanks for helping my business to be successful in 2012.

Best of luck to you, your family and your business. I owe you, Let me know when you need help!

God Bless!

Lee Noring
Internet Advertising Professional since 1996

Jared says…

“Awesome! Things look great! You guys delivered on time as usual and did everything you stated you would. That’s why I’ll continue to come back for more service! You guys rock!”


Keith Woolley of EthicalVitamins.co.uk says…

“I am very pleased with the service that you are giving me for my website www.ethicalvitamins.co.uk. As always, the project is on-time, and even better you over-deliver!”

Great work.
Keith Woolley
Director, Boots Herbal Stores, UK.

Tracy Repchuk, Bestselling author of “31 Days to Millionaire Marketing Miracles” of MillionaireMarketingMiracles.com says…

“This service has been the best of anything I have paid for on the internet. You get your own project manager 24/7 who takes care of you, reports back to you almost daily, does everything they outline in the plan, and then gives you a 52 page verifiable report that increases your traffic, revenue and exposure. All while you do nothing. When you need to make a fast impact, and continue that presence over time, this beats out Google Adwords, and any other method I have tried for value for money. I recommend them to anyone.”

“I just want to thank you for all of the “initial” promotion work you have done on behlf of my website: www.photographycashcow.com. If I have any words of wisdom for anyone out there it would be that there is no wrags-to-richess shortcusts on launching an effective online marketing promotional campaign. Instead it is a step-by-step laborious endeavor… Which, by the way, you make it seem effortless. I have only been onboard for one month and, more than being just happy… I AM DELIGHTED.

We are on this journey together and although we only just begun… My future never felt rosier.”


Humberto Cortes
Owner: www.photographycashcow.com

Jane Mark of SoKule.com says…

“Just a quick note let you know that you and your team are doing a super job for us.

Our site, Sokule.com, is now all over the net on youtube, in directories, in malls, on blogs, in article directories, on Social bookmarking sites… backlinked to high PR sites and the traffic keeps flowing to us daily.

If we has tried to do this ourselves, we would have thrown in the towel a long time ago. You make it quick and easy and effective.

We appreciate the attention that you pay to detail and the concern you take with getting results for us. We keep coming back for more which I think about says it all”

Jane Mark

Suzana Ognen of SuzanasTopWebhosts.com says…

“The work that you have done is beyond my expectations. Everything is on time with full reports of the work you do and you do it so well and according to all of the Internet rules.

I would not have been able to do it myself. It is lot more involved than anyone can imagine.

I will personally advise Internet Marketers to use your services, because we do not know everything. It is a very well structured procedure for promoting web businesses with excellent team work and of course the price is right compared to other web promoting companies. I will keep you for a very long time busy with work and more web pages for you to promote in the future.”

Gavin McDonald of PLRExtreme.net says…

“WOW!! I have just spent the last 2 hrs looking over everything you guys have been doing. I couldn’t be happier with the work so far. I know this is only the start however iam very very pleased and i cant thank you and your team enough.

Best wishes to you all..”


Paul Bergeron of  TheTotal Marketer.com says…

“Thank you to the Brand Go Live Team. I am so happy with Ranga (project manager) and his professional support team. The work they did in one short week would have taken me months to complete.

My site and my name are now branded across the social media web. Give yourself a break, and let the Brand Go Live team go to work for you.”


Les Dunn says…

“This has been a valuable service to my business- this is a must have and I encourage everyone to sign up immediately”


Walter Paul of BebirianArt.com says…

“I am very happy with the excellent service that you and your company have provided for me and my business – thank you!”

Walter Paul, USA



Bibi Apampa of MyBusinessCoach.biz says…

“WOW! Thank you… Awesome, Fantastic that is the only way to describe the work done. Just unbelievable being on so many social networks.”


Tony S. Brown of TrafficDreamTeam.com says…

“These days, to succeed online you must use two invaluable strategies namely: Outsourcing and automation! BrandGoLive specializes in both.I was very satisfied and impressed by their level of professionalism. The turn around time for the completion of my project was very reasonable and I am now looking forward to placing my next order of branding myself and my business at more than 300 Social Marketing sites and directories.Thanks Raam… for a job very well done!”

Dr. Tony S. Brown,


Lance Sumner of Profit2Riches.com says…

“I would like to thank the Project Team for Outstanding support in setting all this up. What I appreciated most is your updating me on regular status all the way through to completion. That is what I call Great Support and makes Me the Customer fill very good and sure I am getting what I requested. Again, Great Work and I would recommend the Project Team to anyone for your service.”


Big John of JustAskBigJohn.com says…

“Hey guys, BIG John here from JustAskBigJohn.COM and I wanted to express my deep appreciation for the GREAT work you and your team do for me every month! The profiles you setup look perfect and the link backs are already showing up and bringing me some real good traffic to my main site!! You’re an absolute pleasure to work with…”


Tony Mitchell of NewbiesResellShop.com says…

“I would like to thank you for a thoroughly professional approach to your business. Your project analysis presentations are 1st class as is your support. I will continue to use your expertise long into the future. Once again, thanks to all concerned and I recommend you highly to any future customers.”


Quentin Brennan says…

“I would recommend you and your team to all and direct them to your website. I have already told 2 people in UAS I work with of your services and given your URL out to them. I will get back and join as an affiliate to help spread your name. I hope in future, very soon, to come back and expand on my project report with you as I think you have a great product.”


Mary-Anne Johnson says…

“Thank you for a job promptly and well done. It would have  taken me ages to sign up to the various sites so I really appreciate your help. Everyone I dealt with at BrandGoLive.com was friendly and  very helpful. I will certainly recommend your services to anyone  requiring assistance with signing up to multiple social networking sites.”


Vinh H. Le, Author of the Vinh’s Institute of Wisdom and Chairman of TeamVinh International says…

“I was referred to InfoYogis through Jane Mark, a TeamVinh partner. I am very delighted indeed with the service. TeamVinh was assigned Bhaskar as our important SEO project manager.

Bhaskar has been very prompt in all aspect of his work. I am very busy with TeamVinh’s launch, and the last thing I want to do is have to worry for what TeamVinh has paid for in terms of SEO – Internet services. I have never once had to “babysit” or do a follow up on anything, which is fantastic.

Bhaskar has been much more than efficient. I would say the quality of service is not only excellent, but meets “military” and systematic – efficient – standards!

Keep up the great work!”


Dr Cleve Phillips of SonaDiamondJewelry.com says…

“The service you provide has got to be the best in the industry..The comprehensiveness of your marketing program is unsurpassed..The end result must and should be a monumental increase in customer traffic, unless the entire world wide web is disonnected..The area to keep up the highest quality would be written and relevant article content, because these articles are online forever, and will be a lasting trubute from 1WebPromotion.com. We can’t wait to see project report.”


Jacques A. of GodSpeedMarketing.com says…

“I like to thank your company for the incredible results that you help me help my client to receive. Just one month of your service, I was able to get 1st page placement with a very competive key word. Also I was able
to help my client go from 2,300,000 Alexa rating to 1,351,664 Alexa Rating, a difference of more than 700,000 change. Thank you very much, looking forward to our continued partnership.”


Nathan Howard of WithYourSuccessInMind.com says…

“Dear Raam,

Firstly, I have to send you and your team my immense gratitude for the work you did for my website during the past month.

Having now received your project report, I can only be absolutely astonished at what you and your team have actually accomplished in such a short period of less than 30 days. Absolutely amazing effort and input and I am truly impressed.

Without doubt, what you have managed to execute in favour of my website, ‘WithYourSuccessInMind.com’ during the last 30 days is nothing short of extraordinary; not only in quantity but in quality and exacting detail. The many articles and press-releases you wrote and widely distributed were very professionally written and of an extremely high standard.

I feel that any internet business that fails to utilise all the advantages you offer will indeed stand to be totally left behind by those that do.

As a value for money I can only state that my almost instant jump into a #2 Google page rank with around 1500 back-links can only be viewed as an amazing result.

I 100% recommend that those that hear of ’1WebPromotion’ should instantly sign up for what will become an amazingly beneficial and positively profitable rise in their site value.

My very best regards and thanks to your skills and industrious team…..and I will be back for more shortly.”


Richard Bassett says…

“You folks have been great and have worked faithfully to make my website a success.  And you have consistently given me many well received  progress reports showing your activities.  I sincerely thank you for your excellent help and friendly email correspondence around this great big world.  I want to personally thank you, Divya, and your super support team.”


Luke W Parker of Surefire-Success.com says…

“There’s no point paying for thousands of incoming links if no one ever clicks on them, right?

I did NOT use this service on a mainstream niche like Internet Marketing. I used it on one of my niche AdSense websites, in a health products niche market. That website didn’t even sell a product on it, it only hosted AdSense ads and had one affiliate link.

At the beginning of October, just as they started their work I checked my server stats and recorded only 8 incoming links and an average of 4 unique visitors daily. (No return visitors, again this is a new AdSense farm.)

-> By the end of the 1st month: (When they were finished working)
243 incoming links and an average of 142 unique visitors daily!

-> By the end of the 2nd month: (All hands free)
896 incoming links and an average of 392 unique visitors daily!

-> By the end of the 3rd Month: (Also hands free, at Christmastime)
968 incoming links and an average of 489 unique visitors daily!

And so far this month the links are still the same but the traffic has MATCHED the whole of last month’s traffic! (It’s only the 3rd!)

I strongly recommend this service for everyone serious about their online business!”


Mary F De Luca of MicroNutra.ca says…

“I must say that first of all, it’s been a great pleasure of mine to have been able to work with you and your organization. First of all, I am honored to be able to say that the level of professionalism you provide, can and should be envied by many organizations. Customer service is a long lost art and you have NOT lost it. The reports your provide are accurate and detailed and as I would have expected, the information can be verified.

I checked my site stats this morning and I finally made Alexia Rankings. Prior to your team taking on my site, http://www.micronutra.ca, Alexia didn’t even recognize my site as being in existence. I can see that with the work that has already been completed the ground work has been done to drive the site to success. We will continue to work with your teams and continue to build this business strong. I thank you form the bottom of my heart”.


Yuku Shoji of MoneyMakingProposition.com says…

“I was very Happy with the Results…”

“I have used the service and it worked really well for me. My site was brand new in the beginning when I started using the service. Within 3 months, my page rank went up to 3.

Of course I was very happy with the result, and what impressed me the most is that they have outstanding communication so that you know exactly what’s happening and what is bringing in the result.

Honestly, you can’t do this much by yourself (website owners) and I would strongly recommend to hire them.”


Father Dave of FatherDave.org says…

“I couldn’t be happier with the service I receive from Raam, or more specifically from my personal team at Raam’s office.

Not only they are courteous, professional, and efficient, but they demonstrate both flexibility and initiative – offering their own wisdom and experience to the planning process”.

Father Dave

Rev. David B. Smith, B.A. (Hons), B.Th., Dip.A.
Registered Professional Boxer,
Managing Director, Fighting Fathers Ministries Pty. Ltd.
President, Australian Federation of Pankration Athlima


Basdeo of Personal-Finance-Site.com says…

“Please give my kind regards to your team and Raam Anand for a job well done and for going
above and beyond the call. Your group is fantastic, efficient and very professional. I give you my highest recommendations and would not hesitate to refer your company and services.”


Clifford Blake of MyWebSiteBusiness.net says…

“Please give my kind regards to your team and Raam Anand for a job well done and for going above and beyond the call. Your group is fantastic, efficient and very professional. I give you my highest recommendations and would not hesitate to refer your company and services.”


David McCarthy of AyeCasher.com says…

“As a user of this Service, I have nothing but praise for the professionalism of the team. As an online marketer there is certain criteria we all seek in a service providers such as honesty, integrity, and effort on behalf of the client. My virtual team give all of these requirements in a quiet, professional way.

They guided one of my websites to a Google PR3 in a matter of three months from launch and when it was only receiving a small handful of visitors each day. This required very little effort on my behalf and highlights the quality of service Raam and his team offer”


Charles Harmon of Self-Help-Tactics.com says…

“Hi Raam,

You and your team have done a great job of putting my site on the map. With minimal input from me you’ve done all the things I haven’t had time to do or didn’t know how to do. Now I feel a lot more comfortable knowing that when I add something to the site or monetize it, that the traffic will flow. What amazes me is that your well trained team did their job flawlessly and got everything right the first time. That’s a real relief and pleasure. Thanks for a job well done”.


Carson Danfield of Info5000.com says…

“Like many internet marketers, I try to earn more money in less time, but I always seem to have more work to do than I have hours in the day. I’ve found that it’s difficult to get started with some of the more repetitive marketing and promotional tasks that need to be done on a daily basis.

This is where my Virtual Team has really come to the rescue. Frequent communication between me and my Team assures me that my projects are being done and they’re being done properly.

Now that my Virtual Team handles my promotional activities, I have more time to spend developing other aspects of my online businesses.

I’ve been extremely pleased with my team manager; she is quite knowledgeable about online promotion and thru her efforts, my business has experienced positive results.

If you really want to excel with your online business, I highly recommend that you get your own Virtual Team today!”


Nancy Clyne of DreamLifeDiscovery.com says…

“I just wanted to thank you and your team for all the hard work you have put into directing traffic to my website.

I cannot believe you have done so much work and in less than 6 weeks. I appreciate all the hard work. I also appreciate the thorough report that you sent to me.

Thank you once again!”