WordPress Hosting Coupon Codes & Black Friday Deals 2022

FastComet Coupon Code

On this black Friday and Holloween FastComet have come up with exciting coupon codes. In this article we are going to share FastComet Coupons codes, WPX Hosting Coupon: black Friday & Halloween offers. So stay till the end to know the exciting coupon codes to activate huge discount offers.

FastComet always brings special discount offers at every festival. Now, they have put black Friday and Halloween offers on the official website. those who already know how awesome FastComet is, they can go and get discount coupons. But if you are not familiar with FastComet and hearing it for the first time. Then follow this article to know FastComet better.

FastComet Coupon Code

FastComet Hosting

FastComet was established in 2013 by passionate individuals. They have the idea to provide the power to every to host their website or online business. They have dedicated and passionate employees who put their client’s needs before theirs. So the client can run their business very smoothly and stress-free.

FastComet comes with extremely powerful CPUs and storage. This makes the system robust and best for running all types of websites. they have a specific type of hosting solution for every size of applications and websites.

Their hosting plans are loaded with a bunch of features that help bloggers to work efficiently. FastComets technical support team is always available for their clients. There is no bound to time and day. Technical support is available 24/7/365 days.

This keeps their clients safe and stress-free. As they will always have someone to help them out. The technical team has experts who are capable of solving all types of problems. It will only take 60 seconds to connect with them and resolve the query.

FastComets Support Services has been awarded for the number one support. It has become the users’ top choice for web hosting solutions. There is no other web hosting with affordable price and premium features.

Now, let’s learn about FastComets premium features.

FastComet Hosting Premium Features

1. Free Domain transfer

FastComet offers a free domain and site transfer to all the new clients. the client doesn’t have to move a piece. All the migration will be done by their experts. There is no chance of errors as the process will be done by experts.

FastComet allows its clients to focus on their other important work instead of managing the servers.

2. Free Domain for 1 year

FastComet gives their new clients, a one-year free domain subscription. This is a jackpot for their client as they don’t have to spend money on renewal fees. Once the domain will be moved to FastComet then they will do a free 1-year renewal.

3. SSD Storage

SSD Storage drives are a great way to increase server performance and speed. It impacts the website performance as well. All the data and information will be accessed from the database in seconds. This reduces the time for users to wait for the content to load.

SSD drives are 100x faster than ordinary drives. it makes the user experience faster and smoother.

4. Cloudflare CDN

A website needs to provide fast page loading to all its users. It doesn’t matter if that user is in America or India. The website content should be loaded within seconds. Otherwise, that user is lost forever.

It is very costly for bloggers to implement this service, but FastComet Hosting provides it for free. Cloudflare CDN provides in every hosting plan. This makes the website to reach all its user at the same time. There is no slow page loading due to distance.

It is because they have multiple servers working to serve users from different locations. The server which is nearest to the user will serve them. this way traffic load is not an issue and everyone can enjoy faster service.

5. Daily & week Backups

The website and its data should be backed up daily to be safe from malfunction and hacking. Whenever the website encounters an error, the blogger can easily restore it to its previous form.

However, doing manual backups takes a lot of effort and time. so FastComet offers a free automated backup feature. The client doesn’t have to pull any switch for backups. It will be done automatically at the scheduled time.

The client has full control over the backups. They can easily set the preferred time and day for backups. This will make sure that the website doesn’t do backups while working.

6. Free SSL Certificate

A free SSL certificate is included in every hosting plan. There are a lot of benefits to installing it on the website. the first and most important benefit is the user’s data security. Data will be encrypted, so the hacker cannot get anyone data provided on the website.

Another benefit is the SEO ranking. Google itself has announced an extra SEO boost for SSL enabled websites. so there is no reason to not use SSL on the website. the most important part is, it is provided free in FastComet hosting plans.

7. 24 Hours Technical Support

FastComet gives the highest priority to their clients. so they offer reliable technical support. The support service is available 24 hours every day. the team is loaded with experts who know their work.

They are very efficient and polite to solve any problem for the clients.

8. 45 Days Total Refund

FastComet have full confidence and believe in their web hosting service. They don’t want to force their clients to keep using their services. so 45 days money-back guarantee feature is offered in all plans.

The offer states that the client can be able to cancel the plan within 45 days after purchase. So they can easily walk away without any loss. It is offered for clients to test the service quality and get 100% surety.

FastComet can take the loss instead of making their clients pay for nothing.

We learned about some of the top FastComet’s features. There are more features listed on the official website. so check it out to know about features in-depth.

FastComet Coupons Codes 2022

Black Friday sale is one of the biggest and busiest shopping weeks in the world. this week everyone goes out for heavy shopping. It is because there are huge discount offers on premium brands.

So, it is the most awaited week for shoppers. It has also seen best for bloggers to start a new website or blog. Because of huge discount offers on web hosting and domain names. every web hosting tries to lure their clients with the biggest discount offers.

We cannot list every hosting here, we have listed our favorite and trusted web hosting solution that is FastComet.

FastComet is a great hosting that is on a mission to provide affordable web hosting solutions. Due to their hardworking employees, many of us can host our online business.

However, there will be someone who doesn’t have a sufficient budget to make their idea live. So FastComet offers extreme discount offers on festival days. This makes it easy for everyone to take advantage of the opportunity.

It is very simple to redeem discount offers on any FastComet hosting plans. First, copy the coupon code and then select the preferred hosting plan. After that proceed to checkout and paste the coupon code.

Once the coupon successfully gets applied then the price will automatically get discounted. Now, complete all the required payment process. Now, you have successfully purchased a FastComet premium hosting service.

FastComet Coupon Code

Coupon codes and discount offers are valid for a limited time. so if you are using it and it doesn’t work that means the offer has ended. For further info, you can read GrabHosts.net to find out about more offers & deals.

  • FastComet Coupon Code – “TREATS70” for a 70% discount on shared hosting.
Fastcomet Coupon 70% OFF
Treats70: FastComet 70% Special Offer For Starters
With this offer, you can get up to 70% discount on the FastComet Shared, WordPress or WooCommerce Hosting.
  • FastComet Coupon Code –“TREATS40” for a 40% discount on VPS cloud & Dedicated Hosting.
Fastcomet Coupon 40% OFF
TREATS40: Up to 40% OFF All FastComet VPS & Cloud Plans
The FastComet VPS & Cloud plans are the best for those who can afford buying high-performance VPS & Cloud hosting plans. Grab a massive discount on this plan.

A 70% discount is provided on FastComet Shared hosting plans. Along with awesome services like free migration, free domain name, and 24/7 support. Another coupon code is 40% off on VPS cloud hosting and dedicated hosting.

If someone wants to start their website or online business. Then there is no better day than Black Friday and Halloween. As there will be huge discount offers on all types of services. it would be very beneficial and a money saver for beginners. 

They can purchase premium tools and services at an amazing discount price. So they will be saving a lot of money with them.

There are many web hosting who have discount offers. But some may be fake and some may be good. So it is better to use a reliable web hosting instead of risking the business quality.

FastComet is risk-free and gives you full flexibility to cancel the plan if you don’t like it. So everyone should try it once. If it is not up to the mark then no need to use it. But I am sure that FastComet excellent services will keep you on the board.

WPX Hosting Promo Codes: How to Save on Hosting with WPX

Do you want to save money on your hosting? WPX Hosting promises the best customer service and 100% uptime, as well as a 99.9% network uptime guarantee. WPX is a leader in providing shared hosting services for over 20 years.

WPX offers many different types of hosting packages to suit every business, from large agencies to small businesses and startups. Whether you own a WordPress blog or an e-commerce site, WPX has the best WordPress hosting package for you. These are some of the tips & WPX Hosting Promo Codes you can use to save money on WPX Hosting and make your business run smoother.

Save on WPX Hosting

WPX Hosting offers a number of different ways to save on hosting. You can use their promo codes to get 12 months of domain registration for the price of 10, or you can use their coupon code for a 30% discount on your next WPX Hosting purchase.

WPX also offers a number of other hosting coupon codes and promo codes so that you can get the best deal possible.

WPX Hosting has an excellent reputation in the hosting industry. They have been around for the last few years and have maintained up to 100% uptime of their customers’ sites up to this point. They are dedicated to keeping customers happy & providing the best customer service and Network Uptime Guarantee. WPX is one of the most recommended web hosting providers in America because they offer outstanding service at a great price!

WPX Hosting customer service

WPX Hosting is not only known for its inexpensive hosting pricing but also has a team that is available out there to help you 24/7.

The 24/7 live chatting & email customer service at WPX Hosting is what sets it apart from other companies. With WPX, your business will have access to a live chat so you can get any questions answered quickly and easily. You can either contact them by a mobile phone or email if you prefer.

WPX Hosting pricing

WPX Hosting offers shared, reseller, VPS and dedicated hosting packages. The pricing for these services varies depending on the package you choose. For example, their shared hosting plan which is the cheapest plan starts at $4.95/month while a VPS (virtual private server) package starts at $39.95/month.

WPX Hosting Plans

The WPX Hosting promo codes found here at “bloggingscout.net” can give you savings on your hosting service. For example, you can get 17% off any purchase by using code WP17 when you checkout online or call WPX Customer Service at 866-927-3735 to redeem the promo code over the phone. If you sign up for an annual plan, you’ll be able to receive 20% off with code WP20 during checkout or by calling WPX Customer Service at 866-927-3735 to redeem the promo code over the phone.

How Do WPX WordPress Hosting Plans Work?

WPX provides WordPress hosting plans for different WordPress users of all sizes. All of their WordPress hosting plans come with a 99.9% uptime guarantee and 100% customer support guarantee. You can take advantage of WPX’s monthly hosting plan, which means you only pay for the first time your site is up. If your site goes down, WPX doesn’t charge you anything.

WPX offers a variety of hosting packages to suit any business size and needs. They have inexpensive WordPress hosting plans to handle new & expert WordPress bloggers that have one or more than one WordPress sites and need storage space, bandwidth, domain names, email addresses, and more. Their enterprise plans are perfect for agencies and eCommerce sites with multiple clients that need data centers and high security websites with SSL certificates.

Every plan comes with WPX’s powerful web hosting platform (called “Evo”), which has unlimited website builders, pre-built templates for every niche, an intuitive user interface, payment integration options (for subscriptions or coupons), built in SEO tools like Google Analytics integration and Bing Webmaster Tools integration–all at no extra cost!


WPX Hosting is better than most.

WPX Hosting will make your life easier, and if you need any help, they have a top notch customer service team to help you out.

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